Musica Claromontana vol.46

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Performers: Capella Czestochoviensis The Early Music Ensemble

Jan Krzeszowiec – flute

Tomasz Wabnic – viola, artistic director

Adam Krzeszowiec – wiolonczela/cello

Niels Muus – klawesyn/harpsichord

Muzyka ze zbiorów archiwum Ojców Paulinów./Music from the collection of the Archives of the Pauline Fathers.

Reżyseria nagrania/Producers: Jacek Guzowski, Krzysztof Kuraszkiewicz

Opracowanie graficzne/Graphic design: Anna Lenartowicz


13 Amando Ivančić (Ivanschiz) Sonata IV in G major Sonata a Tre per Flauto, Viola Col Violoncello 9:41
13 Largo 5:07
2 Allegro assai 2:39
3 Menuetto grazioso 1:55
48 Amando Ivančić (Ivanschiz) Sonata a Tre No 2 in G major Sonata a Tre per Flauto, Viola e Basso 18:16
48 Andante 4:33
5 Allegro 2:17
6 Menuetto Trio. Menuetto da capo 5:59
7 Andante 2:58
8 Allegro Finale 2:29
911 Amando Ivančić (Ivanschiz) Sonata I in G major Trio ex G per Flauto Traverso, Viola Obligato e Basso 12:12
911 Adagio 4:59
10 Minuetto Trio. Minuetto da capo 4:22
11 Allegro 2:51
1214 Amando Ivančić (Ivanschiz) Sonata II (III) in C major Sonata a Flauto, Viola col Basso 12:54
1214 Andante 4:47
13 Menuetto, Trio, Menuetto da capo 5:55
14 Allegro molto 2:12