The Musicon recording company

The Musicon recording company was established in 1991 by graduates of the Warsaw Music Academy's Sound Direction Faculty to promote the most valuable Polish music culture that commercially-minded recording companies would not consider promoting.

Musicon engages only in recording music of the highest quality, having great artistic value.

We specialise in recording Polish music performed by Polish artists who are well-known and highly regarded in music circles.

Our recordings are made in halls with the best acoustic qualities. We use only state-of-the-art recording equipment and techniques, such as the best Shoeps microphones (including the KFM 6 sphere microphone) and the SADiE 24-bit recording and editing techniques.

We do not make assembly-line-like recordings. Each recording ending up being issued is treated as a piece of art, not as a purely commercial product.

We create extremely valuable recordings, often costing more than the proceeds from their sales, as exemplified by the recording of Offertories and Communions by the outstanding Polish early baroque composer Mikolaj Zielenski. His Offertoria et Communiones totius anni were first published in 1611 in Venice.

We do not resort to sponsors. Musicon is its own patron when it comes to its recording endeavours.

A considerable part of our catalogue consists of old-time music - mostly by Polish artists, but also by foreigners active in Poland or having some other connection with Polish culture.

Our company also makes recordings for other recording companies. For example the recording of the Polish national opera Halka, by the nineteenth century composer Stanislaw Moniuszko, performed by the soloists and orchestra of the Great National Theatre and Opera in Warsaw under the direction of Antoni Wicherek, came into being through such a co-operation.

The company for years cooperate also with the International Festival of the Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn, making documentary recordings for.