Camerata Silesia sings Chopin

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MCD 037

Singers Ensemble Camerata Silesia

conductor - Anna Szostak

Anna Szostak's captivating proposal in the seemingly simple vocalises of Camerata Silesia, superbly brings back the atmosphere of Chopinistic motives and the beauty contained in them.

They are an incomparable transfer of straightforward tones, extracting the hidden bel canto of the keyboard. This recording proves that one can love Chopin with the voice and that it is a successful attempt in finding the poetry of music and the cantabile of musical tones which occupied his thoughts.

Producers: Jacek Guzowski, Krzysztof Kuraszkiewicz

Recorded in July 2001 and July 2002

Recording Time: 79'18"

Recording method: DDD, 44,1kHz, 24 bits


1 Frederic Chopin Preludium Des-dur Op.28 nr 15 6:31
2 Frederic Chopin Walc As-dur Op.69 nr 1 3:15
3 Frederic Chopin Preludium c-moll Op.28 nr 20 2:09
4 Frederic Chopin Mazurek a-moll Op.68 nr 2 2:59
5 Frederic Chopin Nokturn Es-dur Op.9 nr 2 4:15
6 Frederic Chopin Mazurek F-dur Op.68 nr 3 1:11
7 Frederic Chopin Walc h-moll Op.69 nr 2 3:03
8 Frederic Chopin Mazurek f-moll Op.68 nr 4 1:46
9 Frederic Chopin Walc Des-dur Op.64 nr 1 1:49
10 Frederic Chopin Mazurek e-moll Op.41 nr 2 2:57
11 Frederic Chopin Walc a-moll Op.34 nr 2 3:58
12 Frederic Chopin Mazurek g-moll Op.67 nr 2 2:17
13 Frederic Chopin Preludium Fis-dur Op.28 nr 13 3:12
14 Frederic Chopin Mazurek cis-moll Op.6 nr 2 2:30
15 Frederic Chopin Preludium A-dur Op.28 nr 7 1:02
16 Frederic Chopin Mazurek B-dur Op.7 nr 1 2:59
17 Frederic Chopin Preludium e-moll Op.28 nr 4 2:24
18 Frederic Chopin Mazurek a-moll Op.17 nr 4 4:41
19 Frederic Chopin Etiuda E-dur Op.10 nr 3 4:36