Angelus Domini. Advent Hymns

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MCD 056


„The Poznań Nightingales” Boys' and Men's Choir of the Poznań Philharmonic

Maciej Wieloch – conductor

Maciej Bolewski – organ

Producers: Jacek Guzowski, Krzysztof Kuraszkiewicz

The recording, created in high-resolution (24/96) surround 5.0 technology, was created at the Resurectionists' Church at Wilda in Poznań, April 2018, courtesy of rector Stanisław Pankiewicz C.R.

Graphic design: Anna Lenartowicz


1 Stefan Stuligrosz Archangel of the Lord, Gabriel 5:31
2 Stefan Stuligrosz Angelus Domini – Ave Maria 6:50
3 .................................................... Behold, the Lord will come 1:28
4 Stefan Stuligrosz Behold, the Lord will come 1:33
5 Stefan Stuligrosz Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above 5:43
6 Stefan Stuligrosz O wisdom, coming forth from the mouth of God 3:28
7 Stefan Stuligrosz O star of the deep sea 4:52
8 Stefan Stuligrosz Hail to you, Mary 3:59
9 Maciej Wieloch After the fall of the sinful man 3:04
10 Maciej Wieloch Send to us onto the earthly plains 5:17
11 Anonim To thou above the idea 3:56
12 Anonim Like a rose amidst the prickly hawthorn 2:19
13 Anonim The Archangel, Gabriel from heaven on high 5:12
14 Sebastian z Felsztyna Alleluia. Hail Mary 4:22
15 Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki Thou art all fair, O Mary 3:43
16 Bartłomiej Pękiel Great is the name of the Lord 2:18
17 Mikołaj Zieleński O Heaven’s glorious mistress 2:45