In November 2015, the new album of organ music has been published , delivered in a format HYBRID SUPER AUDIO CD. Playable by both the SACD (stereo version in a five-and two-channel stereo high resolution) as well as by the traditional CD.

"VOICES OF THE FRESCOES",catalog number MSCD 052, contain recordings performed by Professor Julian Gembalski.

The recordings were made at the Church of St Josef the Betrothed in Krzeszów, famous for its frescos by Michael Willmann (1630-1706) which depict the life of St Joseph and refer to his role in the history of salvation. The organ with casing beautifully integrated into the baroque interior of the church was built in 1695 by Jacob Ullrich. The organ was rebuilt and repaired in the 19th century. Now it has 8 manual voices and 2 pedal voices (16' and 8'), a short octave manual and mechanical tracker action.